Review – Smith and Deli (Fitzroy)

Unfortunately I haven’t been posting much lately due to assignments but that is about to change! I have a month off so expect to see lots more posts super soon!

Ahh Melbourne. The city where you can find pretty much anything you can ever think of. From the cat cafe to the Croft institute, a science lab themed bar. With it’s many lane ways, there are so plenty of hidden gems waiting to be found. So it was no surprise when a New York style all vegan deli opened up on Brunswick street, Fitzroy

Smith and Deli was opened by the team behind Smith and Daughters which opened on Tuesday the 16/06. On Saturday afternoon I found myself in the area and decided to check it out. From a quick Google search I couldn’t find the address for Smith and Deli so I assumed it was at the same site as Smith and Daughters (upon further investigation the address for Smith and Deli is on the Smith and Daughters website home page). I arrived at Smith and Deli at 5pm excited to try everything I had heard about so far. To my disappointment the glass cabinet was looking quite bare by then though it does give me a reason to go back again! The store was very well set out with the walls full of produce such as sauces, pasta and fresh bread. The freezer was also stocked with faux meat and coconut ice cream. I was also quite pleased to see that the cabinet section had grated daiya cheese for sale by the container.

I had gone in planning to grab something for dessert however there did not seem to be any sweet items left so I decided to grab a bagel instead. Despite it being later in the afternoon, the store was still quite full. I ordered a toasted rye bagel with dill cream cheese ($4.50 for the bagel + 50c for the flavoured cream cheese) and elected to eat it in the car.


The price I feel was reasonable however I felt the bagel was a bit small. It was delicious nonetheless! Sadly the store has no seating inside or outside. In conclusion, I will definitely be going back to try more of the goodies on offer!

Smith and Deli
111 Moor Street
Fitzroy, 3065


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