Product review – Plumpy’s hot mock beef jerky


One of my favourite things to do is go to Asian grocery stores and slowly make my way down the jam packed aisles. I tend to look for things that look interesting and then hope that it is vegan! I could spend hours discovering new products to try and to be honest I usually end up leaving with many new things to try! My favourite Asian grocery store is ARC Asian Grocers which is in Preston opposite Preston market. ARC has so much variety, from frozen vegan mock meats, to fresh fruit and vegetables to any type of noodle you could think of and so much more. You just need to spend some time strolling through the aisles reading the ingredients!

A few months ago a friend bought some mock jerky for me to try. Having never tried actual beef jerky before I was unsure of what to expect but curious and excited to try it. Unfortunately the mock jerky that she had bought was very disappointing and not at all what I expected jerky to be like! It was bright red, thin and almost translucent. It looked just like those old fruit roll ups I used to eat back in primary school. It even had a similar texture to them. The most disappointing thing though was the flavour. I had assumed it would be salty and “meaty” however it tasted just like tomatoes! All in all, it was definitely not a good introduction to jerky.

Earlier today while I was on a quest to find vegan fish for dinner, I stumbled across Plumpy’s hot mock beef jerky. I was hesitant to try it, recalling my earlier experience however I decided since it was only $3 I’d give it a shot. I’m so glad I did because it is one of the best snack foods I have ever tried! It was slightly spicy (I have a high heat tolerance though), salty, chewy and so moreish. In someways I regret purchasing it because it is so hard not to eat the entire packet! It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes amazing.┬áIf you’re looking for mock jerky, I highly recommend this one. It also comes in a teriyaki flavour for those not super keen on the spice.