How to eat vegan in Singapore – Part 2

This instalment of my food adventures in Singapore will be about all the western style vegan restaurants I visited. Initially when I was planning my trip to Singapore I was quite adamant that I would only eat at eateries that served local fare however once I began researching vegan restaurants I found so many amazing places I couldn’t pass them up. The lure of vegan waffles and extraordinary sounding burgers got to me!


The name itself makes it sound like a vegan heaven! The burger options were all unlike the ones available in Australia. Even the sides were unusual such as soursop juice, seaweed fries and broccoli pieces!



Hawaiian Teriyaki – I ordered this burger and while I enjoyed it, I found it a bit too sweet for my liking. The combination of pineapple and teriyaki sauce was a bit too much for me. I think a vegan mayo would have been perfect. There was onion present in my burger despite no mention of it in the product description or picture. Usually this wouldn’t have been an issue but my partner cannot eat onion. The pineapple also still had the core in it.
Cracked Mayo – This is the burger my partner ordered which I had a sample of. It was pretty simple but delicious, the patty was crunchy as opposed to my grilled patty. We both agreed that we preferred the crunchy patty.IMG_4167
Seaweed fries – These were super crunchy and moreish however they needed some salt.
Soursop juice – The juice was extremely sweet, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a cordial.



This establishment has two locations, we visited the one on east coast road. There isn’t much seating so I’d advise getting there early. We arrived around 6pm for dinner and the place was full pretty soon after.IMG_4471IMG_4472IMG_4474

White Truffle fries – We ordered this entree as I had never tried truffles and we both love cheese and fries. While I enjoyed this dish, there was barely any parmesan on it. It wasn’t really worth it for the price tag and if I had gone back I would’ve ordered the cheezy fries instead. IMG_4476
Truffle Porcini Funghi pizza – My partner and I usually order one main each and then share. This was my choice and I absolutely loved it. It was so amazingly creamy! The mushrooms were cut up very small which at first I didn’t like but as a whole it worked well on the pizza.
BBQ Chicken pizza – This pizza was fairly sweet from the BBQ sauce and it was like a standard BBQ chicken pizza. The chicken pieces were nice and it had olives on it too which was unexpected twist.IMG_4477
Waffles with Chocolate French Kiss ice cream – The waffle was much larger and thicker than I had expected. It was very crispy on the outside but surprisingly nice and soft on the inside which I enjoyed. For it’s size, it definitely needed two scoops of ice cream.IMG_4482


On this particular day my partner and I were both feeling pretty unwell. We decided to stay in our airbnb apartment and just order in some take away. We used ubereats to order, there’s only one picture as I was feeling lazy!

Sweet potato fries – The fries were pretty under cooked and a bit under seasoned which was disappointing as I had been looking forward to them.
Corn soup – This soup was delicious and just what I needed to make me feel better. It was creamy, I’m not sure what kind of “cream” was used but it wasn’t coconut which I really liked as that’s the usual vegan default.
QQ Cheezy burger – This was my burger and I thought the nut cheeze was phenomenal! The patty was listed as steamed mushroom but was fried which was disappointing.
Potato Croquette burger – My partner ordered this burger hoping for just a potato patty as opposed to the potato and veg patty that it was. He didn’t enjoy his burger however I’m not sure if it was because he was sick though!

QQ Cheezy burger

Until next time! xx


How to eat vegan in Singapore – Part 1

I had never considered visiting Singapore but when last year Jetstar had a buy one get one free flight deal, I thought it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I had no one to go with but I decided that it was time I experienced travelling solo anyway. I booked the trip to coincide with my 25th birthday and began to plan. When I booked the flights I had just started dating my partner and months later he decided to also join me on this trip.

A week before I left for Singapore I started to wonder how easy it would be to find vegan food over there. I began to compile a list of eateries and to my surprise, Happy Cow had SO many veg*n restaurants listed! During the 8 days that I was in Singapore, not once did I eat at a non veg*n restaurant, that’s how easy it was.

This post is about what I ate at the Fortune Centre. The Fortune Centre is multi-level shopping plaza with at least 10 veg*n eateries inside. It also has a veg*n grocery store which is located on the ground floor. The restaurants I ate at were Herbivore and Gokul’s while at the Fortune Centre however I also had Hotcakes (dessert), Pine Tree Cafe and Vegan Deli on my list that I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to visit.


Gokul’s Vegetarian Restaurant

*Note – Gokul’s Vegetarian Restaurant has a few stores, this is the one at the Fortune Centre and is not to be confused with the one in Little India which has over 100 menu items. I assumed there was only one Gokul’s however this is one of the smaller stores and not everything from their small menu was available when we went up to order. I recommend getting there early, it gets packed!

Mutton Murtabak – This was probably one of my favourite dishes that I tried in Singapore. The bread was really flaky and the filling was delicious. The mutton was slightly chewy but I enjoyed it. The dish came with a sauce which was flavourful and not overly spicy, just what it needed.IMG_4149
Rava masala Dosa – I suspect we were served a regular masala dosa as opposed to the rava one we ordered. It was like any other dosa I had tried before, nothing special really.
Mamak Mee Goreng – I personally found this dish a bit too bland for my liking however my partner seemed to enjoy it. It came with a sambal on the side which was super spicy and a nice touch. The flavour was improved when I added the left over sauce from the murtabak.
Mysore Mutton – The mutton was the same fake meat used in the murtabak. The sauce was delicious and well spiced. Definitely needed some bread or rice to go with it though.IMG_4152

All this plus a can of coke came to $25.50 SGD.

Mamak Mee Goreng



We visited Herbivore for my birthday dinner and we were both somewhat disappointed with the small size and high price of the dishes. The staff were lovely and attentive, constantly refilling our water glasses. Each table has an iPad which is used to order from the menu. The decor more upscale than the rest of the eateries in the fortune centre. Apologies for the lack of proper menu names, I can’t seem to find the menu online anywhere. I didn’t take many pictures either as it was quite dark inside so I ended up using my phone.

Miso soup – Just a regular miso soup with some nori and mushroom pieces.
Gyoza – The gyoza filling was great however the wrappers were unlike any I’ve ever had while eating gyoza/dumplings. They were super crunchy and reminded me of spring roll wrappers.
Teriyaki Chicken – The chicken was slightly burnt around the edges possibly from the sugary sauce but it was still quite tasty.
Mushroom Skewers – I can’t remember what sauce was on the mushrooms but it was delicious and the mushrooms were nicely cooked.
Meatball Maki – The standout dish of the night for me, the meatballs were fantastic. I couldn’t pick what they were made of, they weren’t seitan based. The nori which was wrapping the rolls was battered and deep fried which I thought was brilliant and not something I had experienced before.
Tuna in Yam – This was our least favourite dish of the night, the tuna pieces were ok but the yam was extremely odd. It was very bland and watery, the texture was also unexpectedly stretchy.

All that set us back around $60 SGD and was our most expensive meal in Singapore.

Meatball Maki
Tuna in Yam

Stick around for the next instalment, coming soon! 🙂